May 2008

It was s'posed to be so eeeeasy

Philip over at The Curmudgeon is reminding his readers that they were warned.

It seems Gordon Brown has just announced that there is “no easy solution” to the problem of care for the elderly. Because, of course, up until now we’ve all assumed that there was. There’s an easy solution to the problem of care for the elderly, we all thought, and any minute now Gordon Brown will press that button on his command console, labelled “solve”, and all will be well.

I do love that “no easy solution” line. As if running a nation and dealing with the myriad problems that face it, is somehow supposed to be easy. Of course it’s not bloody easy! We don’t need politicians to tell us that. We already know that.

What’s needed is for someone to work out a difficult solution, and then successfully implement it. And if you’re incapable of that, then you have no goddamn business standing for election. Get the fuck out of office and give someone competent a go. Someone who isn’t scared of difficult problems and doesn’t wander off to sulk in a corner because they thought it was going to be easy.

Fracking gits, the whole sorry lot of them.

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