Nov 2009

Google number ones

Merrick has tagged me with one of those blog memes that I occasionally foist upon others; so it’s only fair that I step up to the plate on this one. He writes…

Give me five great things that your blog or websites rank number one in Google searches, then tag five other blogs. Bonus points if you manage to have any sexual content in the phrase…

Looking at the incoming links on my stats page, I was surprised to notice that I’m only the second result for ‘masturbating with a bicycle’. I’m constantly surprised by how many people arrive here having typed that into google. I suspect they’re rather disappointed when they get here though.

As for proper Number Ones, I seem to have cornered the market on…

  • CO2 per barrel of crude oil (this post)
  • effectively outlawing dildos in Scotland (this post)
  • don’t fuck with techno viking (this post)
  • Dublin to London by coach and ferry (this post)
  • rich in potent psychoanalytic symbolism (this post)

As for tagging others, I’m in more of a “have at this if you wish” kind of mood. But if you fancy having a go, leave a pointer to your post in the comments.

Keep on grooving.

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