Apr 2010

We all dance to a mysterious tune

There’s another of those blog memes doing the rounds. I first encountered it over at Chicken Yoghurt where Justin nominated this hilarious version of Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows as the theme tune to his blog.

I thought about posting a theme tune for The Quiet Road but then got sidetracked by a short article on Peak Oil and it slipped my mind. Earlier today though, Merrick picked up the meme over at his place. Those of you who don’t know him won’t realise just how apt his choice of theme tune actually is. Not merely for his blog, but for his life.

Anyhoo, I gave some more thought to what the theme tune for this place would be. The obvious one would be The Overload by Talking Heads (simply because that’s where I took the name of the blog from). But actually, that’s proabably a wee bit darker than is appropriate for this place. And, in truth, there’s a kind of stately genius to the song that I’d feel a bit cheeky claiming as a theme tune.

There was a strong temptation to choose something extremely silly, but I resisted it. I figured that it did actually have to be something by Talking Heads. Nothing else would really do. Which is when this amazing clip came to mind…

Mind by Talking Heads (1982 performance)


I should point out that Merrick has been slandering me at Bristling Badger. His psychotic hatred of donkeys has led to an ongoing war against anyone who tries to lessen the suffering of these often-abused creatures. Take — for instance — forgettably mediocre crooner, Mr. Chris de Burgh (who, let’s face it, is not very good but the first couple of albums have nice tunes on, which is more than you can say for Huey Lewis). De Burgh has worked tirelessly to fund donkey sanctuaries in both Ireland and the UK and as a result, has come under heavy fire from Merrick whose strict veganism is only interrupted by his weekly bath in donkey-blood. Anyway, Merrick’s claim that this blog’s theme tune should be “the 12 inch version of Chris De Burgh’s Don’t Pay The Ferryman” is a cheap shot unworthy even of the most savage donkey-violator. Everyone knows that anything post-1980 by de Burgh is unlikeable MOR pap. Perhaps his saint-like regard for our downtrodden equine friends can redeem this disagreeable musical output. Or perhaps not. Either way, I consider the Don’t Pay The Ferryman accusations to be below the belt, beyond the Pale and unworthy of anyone who’d nominate the Theme from Shaft as their theme tune (no matter what version).

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