Apr 2010

A reluctant twit

I can’t say as I’m a great fan of twitter. Part of that is my reflexive tendency to rebel against overhyped social media. Admittedly twitter isn’t the source of all evil in the world, like Facebook is, but the thought of millions of people around the world checking to see what Stephen Fry ate for breakfast this morning just makes me despair. The modern cult of celebrity irritates me profoundly and twitter has gotten itself all tied up in it.

Like text-messaging, certainly I can see the utility of the thing. Although (naturally) the number of pointless and inappropriate tweets appear to outnumber useful ones by a factor of several trillion. Twitter seems to encourage people to broadcast the minutiae of their lives to all and sundry… as though Facebook Status Updates had escaped from their rightful home and set up camp at another domain. I’ve also noticed an increasing trend of people attempting to have serious discussions via twitter. The ramifications of Sudanese partitioning simply can’t be debated in 140 characters or less. And doing so runs the risk of trivialising important issues.

Follow me on Twitter

That said, I’ve finally succumbed to the thing and become a reluctant twit. The lovely and wise Citizen S insists that it might help me widen the readership of this blog. I’m not at all sure that I really want to widen the readership of this blog, but if Citizen S says that “more people should be reading what you write about sustainability” then I shan’t argue. Whether or not twitter will help in that respect is yet to be discovered.

Anyhoo, if you fancy becoming one of my small band of disciples followers, then just click on that little button there and twitter will handle the rest.

God help us all.

UPDATE: Incidentally, what’s the etiquette with regards to “following”? If I start to follow someone’s twitter feed and discover it’s full of “my cat just did a big poo” type tweets, will my decision to stop following them be the equivalent of telling them to fuck off?

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