Apr 2010

Glad To Be Gay

I received this email from Merrick a little earlier. I reproduce it here without further comment. Well, except to say, check out the site. It’s bloody great.

I just made the internet get bigger!

In 1978 Tom Robinson released Glad To Be Gay. It was the first time anyone apart from a handful of gay activists had ever heard a gay protest song, let alone one so bitter and furious. Robinson managed to get it into the Top 20 despite radio stations refusing to play it.

He’s updated the lyrics many times over the years as new issues have come to the fore and old references became obsolete.

I’ve done a website tracking all the versions, with references explained, MP3s, a big interview with Tom and more.

It’s not only musical and creative history, but social and political history too, a lesson in how different attitudes were so recently and how many people suffered despite harming no-one.

Check it out if you get chance: http://gladtobegay.net/


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