Nov 2010

My life as soundtrack

It’s another music meme. Sorry.

Anyhoo, I stumbled across this one over at Paul’s place. Here’s the idea…

They’re about to make a film of your life and want you to provide the soundtrack. Using the random play function on your music player, find 20 songs to fit the following categories:

Opening Credits, Birth, Waking Up, First Day At School, Falling In Love, Losing Virginity, Fight Song, Prom, Last Day of School, First Day at Work, Beginning of Adult Life, Mental Breakdown, Obligatory Flashback, Getting Back Together, Wedding, Birth of Child, Final Battle, Death Scene, Funeral Song, End Credits.

You’re supposed to just list the first twenty that get played in chronological order. I’m going to try to be a wee bit more creative and, while I will take the first 20 that emerge from the player (skipping spoken word pieces and using only one track per artist), I’m going to try to match each one to a scene. So if the first song that comes out is more appropriate for the “Falling in Love” scene than the “Opening Credits”, then that’s where I’ll put it. Though obviously some will still remain inappropriate. I’ll link to a song where possible.

So here goes…

Opening Credits: One Fine DayDavid Byrne and Brian Eno

Birth: GracelandPaul Simon

Waking Up: Eternal LifeJeff Buckley

First Day At School: And She WasTalking Heads

Falling In Love: Stir it UpBob Marley and The Wailers

Losing Virginity: Hidden PlaceBjork

Fight Song: BuntDisciplin a kitschme

Prom: Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved MeThe Smiths

Last Day of School: HeroinThe Velvet Underground

First Day at Work: Desolation Row — Bob Dylan

Beginning of Adult Life: Nature BoyNick Cave and The Bad Seeds

Mental Breakdown: Black Box ThemeTom Waits

Obligatory Flashback: NightswimmingR.E.M.

Getting Back Together: Cold Wind in AugustVan Morrison

Wedding: Let’s Make This PreciousDexy’s Midnight Runners

Birth of Child: Here Comes The SunThe Beatles

Final Battle: O King of Chaos — Julian Cope

Death Scene: TimeDavid Bowie

Funeral Song: Black ButterflyLaura Veirs

End Credits: Sunset Coming OnMali Music

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