Sep 2006

25 first lines (again)

It’s the ol’ 25 first lines blog meme again. You know the drill by now; music player on random, one track per artist, no track where the title is in the first line… leave your guesses in the comments (and yes, we can all use search engines… obviously look one up if it’s bugging you, but don’t pass off the knowledge of google – or lyricsfreak.com – as your own).

  1. Some folks like to get away, take a holiday from the neighborhoodBilly Joel: New York State of MindPisces Iscariot
  2. Y’say you’re lookin’ for a place to go where nobody knows your name
  3. You’ll be… magnet for money. You’ll be… magnet for loveTalking Heads: Papa LegbaPhil
  4. Wise men say, only fools rush inElvis Presley: Can’t help falling in love – Chris Y
  5. Childhood living is easy to doThe Rolling Stones: Wild Horses – Chris Y
  6. A diamond necklace played the pawnThe Beach Boys: Surf’s UpPhil
  7. Well, you didn’t wake up this morning ‘cos you didn’t go to bedThe The: That Was The DayPhil
  8. There’s comin’ a day when the world shall melt away
  9. She had a horror of rooms, she was tired, you can’t hide beatDavid Bowie: Scary MonstersPhil
  10. When she said, don’t waste your words, they’re just liesBob Dylan: 4th time round – Chris Y
  11. Here come old flat-top, he come grooving up slowlyThe Beatles: Come Together – Chris Y
  12. It’s an idea, someday in my tears, my dreamsSyd Barrett: Dominoes – Tom Mac
  13. When all the numbers swim together and all the shadows settlePsychic TV: The Orchids – Simon
  14. We got into their little black book, so they came in a spaceship to take a look
  15. Don’t sleep ’til the sunrise, listen 2 the falling rain
  16. Hey ho, let’s go! Hey ho, let’s go! Hey ho, let’s go! Hey ho, let’s go!The Ramones: Blitzkrieg Bop – Lucas
  17. Oh my Lord, I am so bored
  18. I’d like to drop my trousers to the worldThe Smiths: Nowhere FastPhil
  19. There’s space in my car… speed you to heaven
  20. My soul is in the mountains, and my heart is in the land
  21. If I ventured in the slipstream between the viaducts of your dreamVan Morrison: Astral Weeks – Chris Y
  22. Keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheelThe Doors: Roadhouse Blues – PMM
  23. I lost my heart under the bridgePJ Harvey: Down By The WaterPixie
  24. Don’t you have a word to show what may be done?Nick Drake: Way To Blue – Nick and IronMan
  25. They all see you off at some point… I was always preparedStina Nordenstam: StationsPixie

A couple of relatively obscure ones, but plenty from the main stream of my collection. Oh, and I turned off my Last.fm plugin for the duration of this. So you won’t find out any answers by checking here.

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