May 2006

A round up

I have a long and tedious post in the works about The Euston Manifesto and just why it’s a dangerous pro-capitalist tract dressed up as a harmless load of wet western wank (to borrow a phrase from my erstwhile lecturer in political philosophy). While I’m finishing it, you should head on over to Larry’s site and take part in the Tampon Teabag: Which Wing Are You? quiz. Work out where you stand politically prior to reading my piece so you’ll know whether to nod sagely – mostly (a) – or harumph in annoyance – mostly (b) – while doing so.

David Byrne discusses the CIA, Camp X-Ray and Michael Winterbottom’s new film, The Road to Guantanemo Bay.

Over at Bristling Badger, Merrick gives details of the The Camp For Climate Action being organised in England this August / September. Also check out his article on the subject at Head Heritage.

This post at The Curmudgeon had me grinning from ear to ear. Though I suspect many would find it offensive.

I’d also like to point you towards this Flash animation from the US Union of Concerned Scientists regarding current attempts to develop tactical nuclear “bunker buster” weaponry.

Meanwhile in Venezuela, Chavez continues to confound me… I love his anti-capitalist policies, but am rather sceptical about his “changing the constitution to allow him to remain president for a term of 25 years” initiative. On balance though, I still think he’s a positive force. Viva Chavez!

And finally, in entertainment news, this story of Werner Herzog being shot in the leg with an air-rifle by a deranged fan during a BBC interview caught my eye. As did the outcome of this copyright dispute over silence.

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