Sep 2008

Head around the door

Hey y’all.

I’ve received a couple of emails (both within minutes of one another, oddly enough) from people wondering what’s happening with me and this blog. Have I given up on this place? Have I jumped off a building in response to the hideousness of everything?

Well no.

I’m still alive and well and I still intend to keep this place going. Thing is though, it’s now less than 3 weeks until my thesis deadline and when I sit down at this desk, I’m really not thinking about much else.

Expect a triumphant return soon(ish). Until then, check out my blogroll if you’re after something to read. It’s all good stuff. Alternatively get hold of Gregory Bateson’s Steps To An Ecology of Mind if you fancy visiting the weird and wonderful headspace I’m currently occupying.

Cheers for now………

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