Aug 2006


So I’m thinking… having spent an hour on various websites, I can spend fourteen days staying in three-and-four-star hotels in Milan, Genoa and Pisa… including flights and trains it’ll come to about 900 euro. Figure half that again for spending money (good cheap restaurants but a couple of expensive ones too) and I’ll have change from a thousand english pounds.

Yes I know, that’s still a huge quantity of money to spend on two weeks eating nice food in Italy and watching the Tuscan moon rise above the gently lapping mediterranean. But really… when it comes down to it… what the hell else should I do with my money if not that? When I’m lying on my death-bed, what thousand-pound memory will outstrip my two week gastronomic tour of northwestern Italy?

But it’s the flight that’s bothering me. And travelling overland from Ireland to Italy turns my fortnight of lazing in the sun into something else entirely. Hmmm… we shall see.

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